Kathy Griffin to Kristen Stewart: 'Hook Up with Taylor Lautner'

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has some choice advice for Kristen Stewart, who recently confessed to cheating on Robert Pattinson with “Snow White” director Rupert Sanders. Kathy says to complete the “Twilight” love triangle and hook up with Taylor Lautner!
“If I were her, I'd probably just say, ‘Screw it’ and sleep with Taylor Lautner while I had the chance,” Griffin told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. “Go for it! Slut it up!”

Kathy also weighed-in on the Jackson family drama. “I would like to go missing,” she revealed to Mario. “I am jealous that Katherine Jackson went missing even though she was just playing Uno in Arizona, so I would like to now report myself as missing.”

Life is good for the sharp-tongued comic. She received another Emmy nomination for her "Tired Hooker" comedy special, and Bravo picked up her talk show “Kathy” for a second season. Better yet, she just had a slumber party with Cher!
“I love to tell her, ‘You're so much like Cher’ and she says ‘I am freaking Cher!’” Griffin said.