'Extra at Comic-Con': 'Total Recall' Stars Dish at the Con

“Extra’s” Ben Lyons caught up with “Total Recall” stars Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and Colin Farrell at Comic-Con 2012.

Biel laughed that she will not be a “bridezilla” when she marries fiancé Justin Timberlake. “I'm actually a fan of that show ‘Bridezillas,’ but I don't think I am one.”

Beckinsale and Farrell talked about their awkward love scene in front of Kate’s husband, “Total Recall” director Len Wiseman. Kate smiled, “I think for Colin it was. That was the second day of shooting. I think it's easier to be enigmatic... if you're the one who doesn't have the moveable parts, if you know what I mean.”
Colin added, “It's just a little over moderately uncomfortable to kiss the director’s wife, especially when he's looking.”
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