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Ann Curry: The Exit Deal, the Replacement... How Will It Shake Out?

New reports say soon-to-be ex “Today” show co-host Ann Curry and her NBC bosses are furiously negotiating her exit deal, while Savannah Guthrie appears to be Curry’s chosen replacement.

Sources connected with the network told TMZ that Guthrie has already made her deal with NBC to co-anchor the popular morning show, but can’t move forward until the network irons out Curry’s payout.

Curry was to originally receive $10 million a year in her three-year contract with the network, and since she’s only been doing the “Today” show for one year, she wants the remaining $20 million balance. The network only wants to pay $10 mil and give her a job as a foreign correspondent.
The network is eager to settle all accounts as quickly as possible so they can introduce Guthrie before the massive Olympics coverage next month.
An announcement will reportedly be made late this week or early next week.