Listen Up! 3 Things to Know About Your Bra

TV personality and lingerie designer Rhonda Shear gave “Extra” the lowdown on three things you should know about bras.
1. Sleep in your bra. Shear said, “It's a proven fact that it will keep the girls up much longer, no matter what you sleep in. We don’t want them flopping at night. We want them up and perky because it’s the foundation for the rest of your life.”
2. Know your correct bra size. Rhonda explained, “80% of women don’t know their bra size. I set out to literally uplift all women. It’s literally so easy.”
3. Beat the bulge. “Your bra should fit directly across the center of your back,” said Shear. “You shouldn't be spilling from underneath and should not have pit cleavage. You want everything nice and smooth.”
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Shear concluded by saying the best bra to have is the Boomer Hottie Bra. “A total necessity.”
For more information, go to Shear’s official website!