Oprah and the Obamas: Is It Over?

Is it over between Oprah Winfrey and the Obamas? According to Ed Klein, author of the controversial Obama exposé “The Amateur,” the answer is yes, Michelle Obama doesn’t want Winfrey meddling with the President’s current campaign.

“When push came to shove... Michelle decided that she was not going to allow Oprah to become her husband’s chief advisor and closest associate,” Klein told “Extra.”

“The Amateur,” a follow-up to Klein’s past exposés on the Kennedys and Hillary Clinton, reveals details of the President’s political dealings and his personal life, however, critics and the White House have denounced it as “fiction.” 

He also points out that Winfrey skipped George Clooney’s recent fundraiser for the President and claims that the First Lady froze her out after the last election.
Although Winfrey recently told “Extra’s” A.J. Calloway she “would do what was needed” in terms of the campaign, Klein said don’t count on it. “She’s not going to campaign for him.”

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