The Extra List: Top 5 'Bachelor' Moments

It's finally over! "The Bachelor's" Ben Flajnik proposed to Courtney Robertson on Monday night's season finale, sending "good girl" Lindzi Cox home.

"Extra" takes a look at the top "Bachelor" moments you may have missed... check it out!

The Extra List: Top 5 'Bachelor' Moments You May Have Missed

Ben's Mom and Sister

Ben's mother, Barbara, and sister, Julia, both seemed to approve of Lindzi. Julia pointed out that it's a "red flag" if Courtney couldn't get along with the other women on the show.Ben's mom also didn't seem thrilled Courtney was a model.It didn't matter what either one of his family members thought... he still ended up choosing Courtney.

Courtney's Confession

Before she was given the final rose, Courtney confessed, "I'm really worried that Ben can't get over everything that happened with the girls. I'm terrified of losing him."

Rejecting Lindzi

After Lindzi was helicoptered in, Ben talked about how he had fallen in love with her, before he said the dreaded word, "but.""But I need those moments to last a lifetime, and, uh, I've found someone else. I'm sorry, I'm in love with someone else."Lindzi nodded, blinked back a few tears, and said, "Well, good luck, and if things don't work out, call me."

'After the Final Rose'

Courtney told host Chris Harrison everything was going great with Ben for a month until the show started airing.The finale was taped in November, and shortly before Valentine's Day, the happy couple reportedly called it quits.US Weekly [] reported Ben was seen kissing three different women shortly after Valentine's Day.

Ben's Tweet

Late Monday night, Ben tweeted this message:

"Extra's" AJ Calloway spoke with Lindzi on Tuesday in NYC. Watch the video to find out what she had to say!