Drew Barrymore Opens Up about New Fiancé

Actress Drew Barrymore graces the February cover of InStyle, talking about fame, fashion and new fiancé Will Kopelman.


"He's lovely. He's very, very nice. It's really positive. I'm super-happy...," gushed Drew. "We go on group trips and spend holidays together -- there's a lot of love! And that is really nice and very different from the way I grew up, which was more unstable and inconsistent, with a lot of highs and lows. It's funny, when I was younger, I used to say I'd hate a flat line -- that I want the ups and downs, the rollercoaster. But I'm actually really enjoying the flat line."

On beauty and plastic surgery, Barrymore said, "I say, don't fight the rings on the trunk of a tree. Just keep counting 'em. The idea of not looking like myself scares me. I just think a person's character is what's interesting... I look ten times better after an exercise class than I do at any other time of the day."

Pick up a copy of the February issue of InStyle, on newsstands Friday, January 13.