Molly Sims Is in Shape!

Model/actress Molly Sims shows off her bikini body on the January cover of Shape magazine.


The "Project Accessory" host had a lot to share, including how she stays fit and her favorite wardrobe staples.

Sims, who slipped into a tiny lime green bikini for the cover, said of her toned physique, "This does not come naturally. I have to work out 60 to 90 minutes at least five days a week and stick to a high-fiber, low-calorie eating plan."

Some of her favorite fashion pieces include "a beautiful pair of black pants, a lightweight coat, a great black heel, and a black cardigan. Everything is just a topping on my fashion sundae. I could also go boho with tons of different beads and crystals or opt for a rock 'n' roll vibe with mixed metals."

The January 2012 issue of Shape hits newsstands on Dec. 26.

Celebrity Magazine Covers

Scarlett Johansson, Cosmopolitan

"I'm attracted to the quality of being adventurous and perhaps a bit mischievous and also questioning authority and being proactive. If that makes up a quintessential bad boy, then whatever. I'm not at all attracted to meanness or bullying, but I do think conviction is attractive. I mean, really, who doesn't?"

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Architectural Digest

Talk show giant Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi cover Architectural Digest sharing the inside of their incredible Beverly Hills home.The property sits on a three-acre lot with a luxurious pool and amazing views of L.A., but DeGeneres remembers she wasn't always so fortunate. "We never had a house when I was growing up. We always rented. But my father would dream, and we used to look at houses all the time. I'd pick out which bedroom would be mine and get all excited."The couple just put their home on the market for $49 million.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Parade Magazine

The actress revealed, "There is. I know what the story is. It's a small story, but I think it should be told. The question is: what's the right time to tell it?"On fraternal twins Loretta and Tabitha, Parker said, "They're talking, they're running, they need me. Loretta is deeply inquisitive; "'Do you see that, do you hear that, Mama?' She constantly checks that we are connecting with her." Her sister is the family princess; "Tabitha does not give; she receives."Parker believes that James Wilkie is most like her. "He has neuroses that I can see are mine. This need to strive for perfection -- I have some control over that because I'm a grown-up and have perspective, but he's still really frustrated when he can't do something spot-on. But James Wilkie is a lot more bold than I was. I was not outgoing."Read more of Parade's interview with Parker! []

Olivia Wilde, Nylon Magazine

Wilde talked about everything from co-star Daniel Craig ("Daniel Craig is the sh*t and he doesn't even know it"), her text message peeves ("Three Xs and a smiley face.... Emoticon? Deal breaker!") and her skinny jeans ("they were the kind you would put on and swoosh around in, but then I got a divorce and self-medicated with food").Nylon's August issue [] is on newsstands now.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle

"Sometimes it's hard being with someone for a long time. We go through periods that aren't all rosy. I always say, life is long and you never know what's going to happen. If, God forbid, we were ever not to be together, I respect him so much as the father of my children. Like, I made such a good choice. He's such a good dad. You can never be relaxed or smug and think, I've got this thing. That's also part of it -- keeping yourself on your toes. I'm not going to take this for granted."

Kim Kardashian, Cosmopolitan

"Sometimes I feel like a zoo animal," admits Kardashian. "I'll be at a restaurant, and someone will put their phone in front of my face and take a picture without saying hi."

Katy Perry, Rolling Stone

"I started praying for breasts when I was, like, 11," she laughed. "And God answered that prayer above and beyond, by, like, 100 times, until I was like, 'Please, stop, God. I can't see my feet anymore. Please stop!' I was a lot more rectangular then. I didn't understand my body. Someone in sixth grade called me 'Over-the-shoulder boulder holder.' I didn't know I could use them. So, what I did was, I started taping them down. How long did I tape them down for? Probably until I was about 19. And, no, I don't have any psychological pain because of it."Watch the behind-the-scenes coverage of her photo shoot and read more of the interview at []

Emma Watson, Vogue

"I have to really enjoy the good things because it makes the bad things okay," Watson explained about learning how to put her life into some kind of perspective and carve her own meaning onto it has been the great challenge of the past two years.Read the full interview! []

Julia Roberts, W Magazine

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks appear on the cover ofW Magazine [] and discuss adult education, starting out in Hollywood, the power of optimism and their new dramedy "Larry Crowne."Julia admits Hollywood has changed from when she was an up and coming star. "The business was different then. It was a less loud, in-your-face sort of business. It would be awful to be a young actress today. Back in the good old days, before e-mail, you could decide how you wanted to be, how you wanted to define yourself."Roberts also says she doesn't have any plans to direct in the near future. "I can direct breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I take pride in my kitchen, but I'm not going to direct a movie."The June issue of W hits newsstands May 24.

Cameron Diaz, Cosomopolitan

"I think you get better as you age," Diaz confessed. "You know what you want, and you become stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically... but also, things have happened recently that have pushed me to grow. My father died, and having gone through that really made me think about my life and how I want to live it."Diaz's friend Drew Barrymore also had this to say about her "Charlie's Angels" pal. "She's my sister, but we bro out and have crazy adventures. I always know that she is game. Most people don't know this, but she's very edgy... that has been a big part of our friendship, knowing that she will throw down at any time as well as that sisterly, cozy, nurturing love that we have."Diaz will next be seen in the dark comedy, "Bad Teacher," opening June 24, co-starring Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel.

Evan Rachel Wood, Esquire

Although actress Evan Rachel Wood is not on the cover of Esquire, her juicy interview and racy photos caught our attention! (Jeff Bridges is on the cover of the May issue.)Evan Rachel Wood likes to be thought of as a dark, rebellious mystery. In the May issue of Esquire magazine, the 23-year-old talks about her 9 tattoos, dating Marilyn Manson, and reveals she is bisexual."I'm up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl..." she tells the magazine. When it comes to dating women, Wood says her inner North Carolina gentleman comes out. "I'm opening the doors, I'm buying dinner. Yeah, I'm romantic."The provocative issue of Esquire hits newsstands April 26.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Self

Sexy Gwyneth Paltrow is on the cover of May's Self [] issue, and dishes about her body, eating and being in the best shape of her life.Paltrow says her biggest challenge area on her body is her rear end! "My butt! My butt, butt, butt. When Tracy met me, she said that I had a long, square butt that she was going to redesign, and I was, like, 'Yeah? Good luck.' The amazing thing is, she was right! And it's still changing!"The actress also admits, "I was bony up top and kind of dumpy on the bottom. But my trainer, Tracy Anderson, completely changed my legs, butt, arms and stomach. I feel better than ever, too."Pick up the latest issue on newsstands April 19.

Lady Gaga, Harper's Bazaar

Lady Gaga on Bazaar's May CoverEclectic artist Lady Gaga appears on the May issue of Harper's Bazaar [] and opens up about living in L.A., plastic surgery and her body."I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification," Gaga revealed to the magazine.The singer said she felt pressure to move to Los Angeles after becoming a household name. "I had all these number-one records, and I had sold all these albums, and it was sort of this turning point: Am I going to try and embrace Hollywood and assimilate to that culture? I put my toe in that water, and it was a Kegel-exercise vaginal reaction where I clenched and had to retract immediately. I ran furiously back to New York, to my old apartment, and I hung out with my friends, and I went to the same bars."Check out Gaga on Bazaar, on newsstands April 26.

January Jones, W Magazine

"Mad Men" co-star January Jones tells W Magazine [], "There was no Betty in the pilot when I auditioned...I read for Peggy two times--it was between me and Elizabeth Moss who eventually got the part.At the end of the scene, there was a casual mention that Don was married.Matt went home that night and wrote two scenes that featured Betty.I auditioned a couple of days later, and he made me a verbal promise that the character would grow.I took the part on faith..."Catch January in May's issue of W, hitting newsstands on April 19.

Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucky

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin graces the cover of Lucky magazine this month and describes her personal style as "very feminine and I especially like balancing my usually genderless haircut, as I have short hair in real life, with really feminine pieces. I also love to mix classic with modern to give vintage pieces a real twist."

Reese Witherspoon, Vogue

Newlywed Reese Witherspoon will be on the cover of May's issue of Vogue."I don't wake up to make movies. I wake up to have a wonderful family and to cultivate the best life for all of us, and it's great to now have a partner in that," she says of husband Jim Toth, whom she married in late March. "Being a parent to me is such a great privilege; that I get to chaperone these beautiful little souls through life."

Rob Lowe, Vanity Fair

A shirtless Rob Lowe appears on the cover of Vanity Fair, in which he dishes about former party pal Charlie Sheen.Lowe tells Vanity Fair that back in their Brat Pack days, he and Sheen "competed to see who could play harder, then show up for work."The May issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands April 5.

Brangelina Family, People

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their six kids: Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 4, and 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne spend time together in New Orleans and is featured on the latest cover of People.This issue hits newsstands on Friday.

Joe Jonas, Details Magazine

Joe Jonas takes the cover of Details April 2011 issue. Looking hot!The 21-year-old entertainer told the magazine about his L.A. digs and said:"[My place] is like my mini New York. I got my gym a few blocks away. I like to watch all the crazy characters in the neighborhood."

Rihanna, Vogue

Singer Rihanna graces the cover of Vogue magazine's April Shape issue, showing off her toned body and talking about how she loves to read people."I really enjoy watching, observing, and being able to figure out a person, the reason they wore that dress, the reason they smell the way they do," she told Vogue [].

Brad and Emily, People

"Bachelor" engaged couple Brad Womack and Emily Maynard make the cover of People and tell the world they will make it.Womack tells People, "There have been numerous times where either she or I have said, 'To hell with it. It's just too difficult.'""The hardest part is behind us," Maynard reveals. "I feel pretty confident if we can make it through [the past three months], we can make it through."People hits newsstands on Friday.

Eva Longoria, Allure

April 2011Eva Longoria opens up to Allure magazine for the April issue about her divorce six months ago to Tony Parker and says it still makes her very emotional."Every time I talk about it, I want to cry. It's been hard. Very hard," Eva tells the magazine.Longoria also says she shares her home with two of her friends, who help her get through her dark days."We always say that my house is the female 'Entourage,'" she explains of her roomies, who watch over the house while she's away and watch over her when she's home. "When you go through something as devastating as a divorce, you just want to be surrounded by people who care for you... I don't know what I'd do without them."

Vanessa Hudgens, Shape

I wouldn't have been able to do it if it weren't for the other girls [co-stars Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung]. It's because of them that I got so strong," Hudgens told the magazine. "In the beginning, I could dead lift 135 pounds. By the end, I lifted 180. I was a monster!

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, Rolling Stone

Snooki talks with the mag's contributing editor Erik Hedegaard [] about starting out as a budding veterinary assistant and then becoming a highly-paid reality TV star with a line of jewelry, bedroom slippers, a best-selling book and a spin-off show in the works.

Jessica Simpson, New York Magazine

February 2011Singer/actress turned fashion mogul Jessica Simpson showed off some of the new designs for her Jessica Simpson Collection. "I never thought I'd be some fashion mogul!" Simpson laughed to New York magazine [].

Justin Bieber, Rolling Stone

February 2011These days you can't turn the corner without seeing or hearing about teen sensation Justin Bieber. On the February cover of Rolling Stone [], Biebs is labeled "Super Boy," and talks politics, movies, music, and sex.Catch Bieber on the cover Feb. 18 on newsstands and online.

Christina Applegate, People

February 2011New mother Christina Applegate graces the cover of People [,,20466433,00.html] and calls her daughter a "miracle." The magazine focuses on Applegate's new life after recovering from breast cancer, and becoming a mother to Sadie Grace.People is on newsstands and online now.

Victoria Beckham, Allure

March 2011A natural-looking Victoria Beckham is on the cover of Allure [] magazine's 20th anniversary issue in March. The fashion designer and mother of three, with another baby on the way, reveals she is more confident now than ever.Catch Posh on the cover in March.

Sofia Vergara, Shape

March 2011In the March issue of Shape magazine, "Modern Family's" sexy mom Sofia Vergara speaks her mind. The 39-year-old talks about how she hates working out, how men turn into "little babies" when they get hurt, and why chocolate-covered strawberries are healthy.Read all about it when Shape [] hits newsstands in March.

Irina Shayk, Sports Illustrated

February 2011The model, 25, was born in Yemanzhelinsk, Russia, a town in the South Urals, and grew up in Emangelynsk City. Her boyfriend is soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mila Kunis, W

March 2011[On beginning to acting] "I started acting when I was nine as a hobby because it was fun, and it allowed me to get out of school. The first thing I did was a Barbie commercial, and I got to keep the Barbie. That's all a kid wants."On newsstands on February []

Lady Gaga, Vogue

March 2011[On her "little monsters"] "I see myself in them." Why is that? "I was this really bad, rebellious misfit of a person -- I still am -- sneaking out, going to clubs, drugs, alcohol, older men, younger men. You imagine it, I did it. I was just a bad kid. And I look at them, and every show there's a little more eyeliner, a little more freedom, and a little more 'I don't give a f**k about the bullies at my school." []

Miley Cyrus, Marie Claire

March 2011[On her soon-to-be-released movie "LOL"]"It really felt like Demi was my mom a little bit because we had such great conversations, and I feel like it shows on-screen. I can't wait for 'LOL' to come out. It's what I'm most proud of." []

Julianne Moore, InStyle

March 2011[On what her 50th birthday means to her] "One thing a 50th birthday does is say, all right, time is marching. You have these things you're happy with and proud of. But if there's something you haven't done that you've been waiting to do, then by all means, don't want any longer. Do it!" []

Katy Perry, Elle

March 2011From inside the magazine ...[On her figure] "I was shaped like a square at one time. I was! I'm generally around 130 pounds, which is totally fine for me. But when I was a kid, I was the same height and weighed more like 145. And I had enormous boobs that I didn't know what to do with, so I wore minimizers, which were not cute. Those thick-ass straps! I got made fun of for the over-the-shoulder boulder holder, and all I wanted was to look like Kate Moss. Little did I know that these things would come in handy someday." [ ]

Heidi Klum, Lucky

March 2011From inside the magazine ...[On her style icon] "My mom -- she inspires me and I inspire her, so we end up looking the same in the end."Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Heidi's cover photo shoot [] []

Ashley Greene, Teen Vogue

March 2011From inside the magazine ...[On living in NYC] "I'm very much a girl that likes to have options. That's the way I am with fashion, and that's the way I am with my life. In California, I do like to just chill out and go to the beach, but I love the energy here. I feel very productive when I'm in New York." []

Lea Michele, Cosmopolitan

March 2011From inside the magazine ...Details on Lea's relationship with a fellow actor -- and how they keep it hot when they're apart, her surprising secret to having killer confidence, ane the naughty things she's done that her character on "Glee" wouldn't dream []

Jason Statham, Men's Journal

February 2011From inside the magazine ...[On green-screen work] "It makes my blood boil. I'm almost at the point of a contractual bind saying, 'I'm never, ever allowed to do green screen, ever.' Like, if they ever bring up the subject of a freaking CG shot, they'd better do it over the phone, so they're out of arm's reach. It's to the point of killing something that's really cool."Men's []

Khloe Kardashian, YRB

I've always wanted to do an edgier photo shoot. But so often people think I'm not capable of pulling it off.

Jennifer Aniston, Allure

February 2011From inside the magazine ...[On the famous "Rachel" 'do] "I love Chris [McMillan, her hairstylist], and he's the bane of my existence at the same time because he started that damn Rachel, which was not my best look. How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I've ever seen. What I really want to know is, how did that thing have legs? Let's just say I'm not a fan of short, layered cuts on me personally, so I don't love revisiting that particular era." []On newsstands Janurary 25

Regina King, ESSENCE

February 2011From inside the magazine ...[her romance with "Cosby Show" star Malcom-Jamal Warner] "Malcolm and I have a lot in common... we've both been child actors and were also blessed to be raised by incredible mothers who instilled good values in us. Things are maturing nicely..." []

Natalie Portman, InStyle

February 2011From inside the magazine ...[On finding a mate] "I look for all the same things I would in a friend," she tells InStyle of the qualities she wants in a mate. "Obviously, you need the sexual attraction too, so it's like your best friend who you are also really attracted to." []

Brooklyn Decker, Self

February 2011From inside the magazine ..."When I was younger, I was insecure about being gangly and having no shape. People made fun of me and called me a boy! I remember praying for boobs and a butt. Luckily, I grew into myself and got curves, but when I was first modeling, I wished for that boyish Gisele body again!"Read more: []

Lil Wayne, Rolling Stone

February 2011From inside the magazine ...[On dealing with solitary confinement] "Solitary was the worst. No TV. No radio. No commissary. Basically you're in there 23 hours a day." The only upside was he had a window where he could watch cars go by. "I used to sit at that motherf--er all day." []On newsstand January 21.

Brooklyn Decker, Esquire

Men need to learn to put everything on the table," Decker told Esquire. "Just put everything on the table. And when it comes to the game playing, enough.

Michelle Williams, Marie Claire

February 2011From inside the magazine ..[On Reese Witherspoon's advice in a troubled time] 'To give credit where credit is due, I was sharing a difficulty I was experiencing with Reese Witherspoon, and she said, 'Yes, I understand, but think about how much more difficult this would be without the luxury of a reliable, steady income." []

Kristen Stewart, Vogue

February 2011From inside the magazine ..[On the "Twilight" character Bella] "[She is] a character who is embedded in so many people's psyches at this point. It's starting to enter my head a lot more than it used to because it's at the end and it's come such a long way. I just want the fans of the book to be happy. I don't necessarily care about anyone else."Read the full article on [ ].

Justin Bieber, Vanity Fair

February 2011From inside the magazine ...[On thinking of himself as weird] "I'm not normal. I think differently--my mind is always racing. I'm just... nuts. But I think the best [musicians] probably are." []

Mila Kunis, Cosmopolitan

February 2011[On not opening up about her relationship with Macaulay Culkin] "Never have, never will. The reason I'm able to have a relationship is because I don't talk about it." (It was announced earlier this week that they called it quits after eight years []

Giada De Laurentiis, Redbook

Feburary 2011From inside the magazine ...[On cheating rumors] "The John Mayer incident was completely unexpected. I was shocked. And not so much for me, but for my husband and family. . . Todd was embarrassed that his family in Michigan would see it and think, What is going on over there in Hollywood?... What made it all even more surprising is that I haven't had any contact with John Mayer in three years." []

Olivia Munn, Maxim

February 2011From inside the magazine ...[On what you should pick her up in for a date] "A hoverboard. I can be on a plane in the air on my BlackBerry, texting and BBMing, on the Internet, drinking wine in the sky, yet there's no hoverboard. I am disappointed in the future." []

Olivie Wilde, Women's Health

January/February 2011From inside the magazine ...[On losing weight] "The fastest way to lose weight is to stop drinking. In two weeks you'll lose five pounds." []

Kim Kardashian, Glamour

February 2011From inside the magazine ...[On relationships] "It's easier to just be single and not have a relationship. How do you get to know someone on a reality show? Some people think that they can handle it, and then they really can't." []