Donald Trump on Kim K.'s Divorce: 'She Made a Big Mistake, It's Okay'

"Extra's" Mario Lopez recently hung out with billionaire Donald Trump. Mario says, "There are a couple of things I gotta do every time I'm in New York. Number one: eat pizza, and number two: get 'The World According to' my friend Donald Trump!"

Here is the Donald, sounding-off on the latest headlines:

Kim Kardashian's divorce: "I think she just made a big mistake. It's okay. It's too bad. I guess she threw in the towel a little early, but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. She's trying to recover from the mistake and I'm sure she will."

Justin Bieber taking a paternity test: "To me, it sounds like a phony deal, I mean, the woman came out of nowhere. He said something that I really liked... he said he's going to sue her as soon as it's over. I love that because you can't allow things like this to happen."

Regis Philbin's replacement on "Live": "There's nobody like Regis. It's gonna be very hard to find someone like Regis to take his place."

Alec Baldwin running for NYC Mayor: "I've known Alec for a long time. It would be very interesting to see him run. He does love the city, and I think he'd be a very attractive candidate."