"Puss in Boots" Snags Box Office Top Spot

"Puss in Boots," the "Shrek" spinoff, wowed audiences across America this weekend. The animated family film released on Friday raked in more than $34 million.


Families made up much of the movie-goer crowd as well as the Hispanic demographic, which comprised 35 percent of ticket sales.

Actors Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek play the lead characters in the adventure kid-friendly comedy.

Another film which entered theaters this weekend, "In Time," starring Justin Timberlake brought in $12 million domestically. The sci-fi flick fared better overseas, earning $14.5 million.

"The Adventures of Tintin," directed by Steven Speilberg took the cake with over $55 million ticket sales internationally.

Surprisingly, Johnny Depp's latest leading role in the Hunter S. Thompson adaptation of "The Rum Diary," did not have high ticket sales. The movie only earned $5 million and cost production $50 million to create.