The Best Time to Travel is... Now!

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg uncovers the best-kept travel secrets and says right now is the best time to snag a deal. Greenberg explained, "September and October especially, kids are back to school, rates drop precipitously and the weather's great. Why wouldn't you go?"

Peter recommends Colorado because "the Aspen trees are gorgeous as they turn yellow. It's not crowded, they have great deals and no skiers yet. You own it."

Greenberg revealed plane tickets are the cheapest to Europe right after Labor Day. "It goes down to $285, and that's to Paris."

The travel expert also mentioned "repositioning cruises," saying, "Every year the cruise lines have to get the ships out of the Mediterranean to the Caribbean or out to Alaska to the Caribbean... these are between eleven to sixteen days [and] the price is only $80 a night if you're lucky! And by the way, they're sometimes less."

He also recommends booking on weekdays if possible. "Try Wednesdays," adding, "Get the lowest fare you can from a human being. After you make that reservation, search the web 24 hours and see if you can beat it."

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