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'Extra' Raw! A Special Performance by Jeff Bridges

Actor Jeff Bridges, who won an Oscar for playing a country singer in "Crazy Heart," can now officially add musician to his resume. He is releasing a self-titled major-label debut with Blue Note Records on August 16.

"Extra" Senior Producer Adam Weissler talked with the actor/singer about becoming a professional musician.

"With 'Crazy Heart,' people said, 'Oh yes, Jeff can sing and do the music.' So I figured if there was ever a time to put out an album, now would be a good time."

Check out Bridges' special performance of his first single, "What a Little Bit of Love Can Do."

"Jeff Bridges" is produced by Bridges' long-time friend and "Crazy Heart" collaborator, T Bone Burnett, who is known for his work with Allison Krauss and Robert Plant, Elton John and Leon Russell, and the Grammy-winning soundtracks to "O Brother, Where Are Thou?" and "Walk the Line."