Jane Fonda on Staying Young: 'It's About Attitude'

It's hard to believe Jane Fonda -- the woman who does it all -- is 73!

"Extra" caught up with the fitness pioneer, political activist and author at her book signing in NYC and she revealed the secret, explaining, "I'm healthy, I exercise, I eat well, but I think more than anything it has to do with attitude."

The Oscar-winning actress' latest book, "Prime Time: Love; Health; Sex; Fitness; Friendship; Spirit" offers new life lessons and captures many of Fonda's philosophies on life, love and aging.

The former fashion model was even candid about her recent decision to have plastic surgery, saying, "I chose, last year, to have bags removed from under my eyes. I don't feel tired and I wanted to look more how I feel. But it's a very personal choice -- the trick is to not overdo it."

Jane Graces the Cover of Harper's Bazaar

Fonda, who looks incredible for her age, points out that the key to getting older is to change the way you think. "The old way of looking at age is an arch, you're born... you peak. But the new way of looking at it is [like] a staircase -- you ascend upward."

"Prime Time" is available in bookstores now.