Dr. Oz Tips: How to Jump Start Your Day -- and Your Sex Life!

"Extra" caught up with Dr. Mehmet Oz, gearing up for Season 3 of his syndicated show, and the doc gave some tips he learned from traveling around the world this summer on how to improve your sex life and start your day without coffee!

Dr. Oz explained there is a sex famine in this country. "One of the reasons people aren't being intimate is one of the couples is snoring, keeping the other one up. It's interesting how many couples live apart from each other because of the noises they make."

His solution? Learn to play the Australian didjeridu. "There's something called a dijeridu," Dr. Oz explained. "It's a long instrument that you [blow]. It helps with sleep apnea because it builds up these muscles so they get stronger and they don't collapse when you fall asleep."

As for kicking the coffee habit, Dr. Oz recommends you take up the Chinese art of Tai Chi. "A lot of people in China get up in the morning and practice Tai Chi, a very simple series of exercises that doesn't tax you and stress you out. It teaches you balance, strength and it gets you going. Go back and forth and use your limbs to wake yourself up. You know what? If it works in Shanghai, it can work in any city."