Lifechangers: Design Your Own Bedroom Bliss... for Better Sex?

Could improving your love life be as simple as moving a few things around in your bedroom? Sex coach Amy Levine says yes!

"Extra" Lifechanger and certified sexuality educator Amy Levine, says "the design of our bedroom as well as the things in our bedroom can really work to our advantage, or they can completely sabotage our sex lives."

"Changing your room is a really great way to break out of a sex rut. It doesn't have to be a total renovation, you can do it on a budget and you do it by changing some very simple things."

Levine suggests changing linens, lights, and advises "getting family photos out of the room," as well as "technology," like computers.

Lonny Magazine Editor, Michelle Adams, offers five tips, including why a chair in the bedroom is a must, to transform your bedroom into a love nest. Watch the video to find out what they are!


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