Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts on Screen Kissing: 'We Get All Giggly'

"Extra's" Jerry Penacoli sat down the Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts to discuss all the smooching in this summer's talked-about comedy romance, "Larry Crowne." When the pair first rehearsed their makeout session, Tom said, "It was embarrassing. We get all giggly." Julia added she felt, "Swoony!"

Tom explained, "It is one whammy kiss. She was the 'wham,' and I was the 'me.'"

Hanks not only stars in the film, he wrote and directed the dramedy. "Then our lips are together and he [Tom] goes, 'Okay, cut!'" Tom echoed, "And... cut!"

Toning it down a bit, Tom revealed they edited out a second kiss that was even hotter! Hanks said, "It was a fantasy kiss." Roberts chimed in, "Where he had me climbing over a desk... cat clawing."

"Larry Crowne" tells the story of a Navy veteran who finds new meaning in his life after losing a job at a big-box store and decides to enroll in a city college.

Hanks told Penacoli, "We had teachers we had crushes on." Julia said her crush was "Mrs. Gutherman," before Hanks laughed, "What kind of a crush was that?!" His spunky co-star answered, "Just trying to liven things up."

See Julia and Tom pucker up in "Larry Crowne," opening in theaters July 1.