Lynda Carter's Wonderful 'Crazy Little Things'

Best known for her role as the crime-fighting '70s television superhero "Wonder Woman," actress and singer Lynda Carter stepped into The Grove to talk about her new album, "Crazy Little Things."

The album is mostly comprised of cover songs. Carter explains, "The songs to me all have a story. There is a reason why I did them and they are re-imagined, so if you have the old song 'Loco-motion,' it's much more [of] a sexy song."

Lynda, who turns 60 next month and looks amazing, says part of the secret to her youthful glow is attributed to her ethnicity. "Well I'm half-Mexican," the songstress reveals, adding, "We all do the best we can. We all have our fat clothes. I've actually gotten rid of them so I can't move up."

Over the years, Carter has had her share of unusual fans, including a male fan who "asked me to sign his arm, then he went out and had it tattooed."

Lynda also admits she's "kind of a geek. I subscribe to Science Times."

"Crazy Little Things" is available now on iTunes and at Barnes and Noble.