Christina Aguilera Dishes to 'Extra' on Dream Collaboration with Britney and Justin

Singer Christina Aguilera, coach on NBC's "The Voice," was greeted by thousands of fans as she stopped by "Extra" at The Grove to chat with host Mario Lopez about being a coach on the hit show, dream collaborations, motherhood, and her guilty pleasure.

Christina is loving her new coach/mentor role on "The Voice." Known for her signature voice, Xtina tells Mario that she was drawn to the singing competition because it "takes music back to a place and time where you're inspired by nothing but the voice, before music videos, before the Internet," adding, "It takes you back to a place of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and real music, where it was all about authenticity, and I love it."

The all-female "Team Christina" definitely has some friendly competition with fellow judges Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Christina beamed about her team. "I have a good group of female performers, they're gonna kill it. Boys better watch out." Of being surrounded by all of testosterone, Christina says, "Sometimes it's like being in boys locker room... and I can't believe what I'm hearing. I do feel like the mom of the group... like, okay boys, let's get down to business."

Christina is still focusing on her career as she talks about recording another Spanish album, and possible future collaborations with her "Mickey Mouse Club" co-stars. "It would be fun to hook up with Britney or Justin at some point, maybe." Other stars on her list include Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce. "There's so much talent out there. It's always fun to collaborate. I keep it open." The one artist that Christina would like to meet is Bjork, "I've always been interested in her."

However, being a mom is definitely a top priority for Aguilera, who talked about juggling motherhood and her career. She tells Lopez that "it's important for my son to see the hard work that goes into supporting my family and all that I do, and to inspire him to be a hard worker as well."

Does she see a singing career in Max's future? "The other day I was putting him to bed, and he looked at me and said, 'Mama, will you teach me to sing?' It was so cute. I'm like, you already have it in there Maxie, all you have to do is sing out loud, it'll come natural. He definitely has his mama's lungs, he can scream."

Although Christina does not have a lot of down time, she does have some guilty pleasures. "I love Bravo shows, especially the 'Real Housewives.'" She does not have a favorite, but admits that watching them "helps me relax. There's some good juice on there." She even admits to being star struck by some of the Housewives stars. "I'm like, look, that's Theresa!"

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