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The Kardashian Women React to Kim's Engagement

"Extra's" Renee Bargh sat down with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and mom, Kris Jenner at the junket for "Keeping Up with Kardashians," to talk about sister Kim Kardashian's engagement to NBA star Kris Humphries.

"We are so excited. He's a doll and she couldn't be happier and he seems happy," gushed Jenner.

The trio admitted they didn't know Humphries all that well. Jenner explained, "The girls have been spending so much time away and Kris was in season playing basketball. So this is all happening for the rest of the family kind of suddenly. Kourtney and I got a chance to meet him at the end of Season 6 of "Keeping Up." It's all happening fast and furious."

Kourtney added, "But I can tell Kim is happy, always smiling, so that really makes me happy. We want the best for Kim."

The women swooned over the $2 million engagement ring, calling it "huge" and "gorgeous." Jenner said, "She'll need a bodyguard, for sure. Oh wait, she has one already."

Will it be a TV wedding? Kourtney replied,"Kinda comes along with the territory," with Jenner adding, "We are filming all the time. E! is our family, so we'll have to see."

As for Kim having to move to New Jersey, where Humphries plays for the New Jersey Nets, Jenner said it would be inevitable. "Well, eventually she might have to because that's where her future husband works. Don't think she'll stay in L.A."

Khloe said that would be hard. "It will be weird because we've never lived out of the state permanently before. It would be sad. Ninety percent of our businesses we do together, so I know I'll see her. But not being able to go to her house or go to the movies -- that would be really hard."