John Travolta -- Lindsay Lohan's New Mob Dad?

In their "Extra" interviews Tuesday, John Travolta, Victoria Gotti and Dina Lohan showed their support for Lindsay Lohan to make her comeback in the new film about crime boss John Gotti titled, "Gotti: Three Generations." Lindsay is up for the role of Gotti's daughter Victoria, if a deal can be worked out.

Travolta likes the idea, telling "Extra's" AJ Calloway, "Lindsay is so cute... sweet girl and good actress. I hope they find her something to do."

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Victoria, who posed for photos with Lindsay, also backed Lohan to play her in the film, saying, "She can do it and is qualified. I think she is an incredible actress. She's a kid, she's 24 and I think there is too much emphasis on mistakes Lindsay makes rather than bigger things. I do envy her... she can dust herself off and keep on marching."

Calling it a perfect fit, LiLo's mother Dina revealed that the Lohans and Gottis have a lot in common. "The cast is amazing -- they are a wonderful family, misunderstood like my family, and my children and I can relate to them wholeheartedly."

The film focuses on the bond between John Gotti Jr. and his notorious father. John Travolta said he felt a deep connection after spending five hours with Gotti Jr. "His father lost a son and I lost a son, and we discussed in depth how painful that is." John Jr. lost a brother in a childhood car accident and Travolta's son died last year following a seizure.

Production is set to begin in the fall with a theatrical release in late 2012.