Liv Tyler's Son Doesn't Want to Watch Granddad on 'Idol'

Actress Liv Tyler is "proud" of her father Steven Tyler on "American Idol" -- but admits her 6-year-old son Milo isn't that into it.

"You know what's really funny? Milo does not want to watch it and gets really grumpy with me, like, 'We are NOT watching 'American Idol'!" Tyler laughed with "Extra" at the junket for the dark comedy, "Super." She added, "He did watch it once and liked it, for sure."

In "Super," Liv stars as the estranged wife of Rainn Wilson, who becomes a masked vigilante superhero to try and stop her from marrying a foul-mouthed cad, played by Kevin Bacon.

"The movie is so funny and so touching, but I'm the opposite of funny," the actress confessed.

"Super" zooms into theaters Friday, April 1.