James Franco on the Rumor He Was High During the Oscars

James Franco and Danny McBride, starring in the medieval kidnap comedy called "Your Highness," jokingly told "Extra's" Renee Bargh that they take their roles very seriously. McBride, who co-wrote the film, confessed, "You never crack."

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The comedic duo also talked about the Oscar rumors of Franco being in an "altered state" while hosting the show, about which James said, "I didn't use any more heroin than I normally use." Danny added, "You [Franco] called me before and asked, 'What's the proper amount of black tar heroin to do before you do the Oscars?'"

Co-star Natalie Portman was also a subject of discussion, mainly because she didn't bother to thank McBride during her Oscar acceptance speech. Franco admitted, "I was a little shocked that she didn't thank Danny because we actually shot this movie before "Black Swan," and I think Danny really prepared her for that movie."

"Your Highness" is up for your consideration April 8.