Russell Brand Tones It Down for 'HOP'

Funnyman Russell Brand is the Easter Bunny? Believe it! The actor lends his vocal talents to the upcoming animated flick "HOP" -- and he tells "Extra" he kept his humor PG.

"When they asked me to do this movie, 'HOP,' they knew I have a cheeky element to my personality," explained Brand. "But when children are present, it's not appropriate to make jokes about sauciness."

Brand plays the heir to the Easter Bunny throne who isn't sure he wants to take over the family business. When asked how he was like his character, the actor quipped, "I've got the same voice as the one in 'HOP.' That's a weird and eerie coincidence."

As for his personal life, Brand claimed he and wife, singer Katy Perry, handle their busy schedules with aplomb, seeing each other as much as possible. He joked, "There were these brothers, Oswald and Wilbur Wright, they invented a sort of wooden flying horse creature, and American Airlines sort of cashed in."

"HOP" skips into theaters April 1.