Dr. Drew on Lindsay Lohan's 'Extra' Interview: 'I Got Chills'

Lifechangers expert Dr. Drew spoke to "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli the day after our exclusive interview with Lindsay Lohan aired. After watching the video, Dr. Drew said he believes she is clean and sober, adding, "I actually got chills [from] some of the things she was saying. You watch someone self-destruct [and] then to see her transition now to looking so beautiful and healthy, talking about sobriety one day at a time... you can't imagine what that means to somebody like me."

Lindsay Lohan's Courtroom Attire

Responding to Lindsay's statement in her interview when she mentioned, "I miss being on set," the doc believes she needs to dodge the Hollywood nightlife and not return to work too soon.

In light of Lohan's recent legal battle with the alleged necklace theft, Drew acknowledged, "Do I believe she's never going to tell another lie? No. Do I believe she is trying to be rigorously honest? Yes."

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