Dr. Dre and Eminem Break Down 'Doctor' Video with 'Extra'

Rap icons Dr. Dre and Eminem were on "Extra" talking about their new music video collaboration, "I Need a Doctor."

Dr. Dre, who hasn't recorded a solo album in over 10 years, said he feels this new song is a rebirth. "It's funny, cause last night it almost felt like this song and this video was the rebirth of something. The rebirth of me going to whatever the future holds for me."

There's a car crash sequence in the video, which Eminem explained. "I think it, metaphorically speaking, feels like Dre's been in a coma and, like, me and hip hop are trying to wake him up out of his coma."

Eminem continued, "My whole career, especially in the beginning and even still to this day, is to always get a reaction out of Dre. This track, the reaction I wanted, was to spark him even more than he has been sparked, you know what I'm saying? Even push it further and get him to finish the album."

Check out the world premiere of the "I Need a Doctor" music video, which debuted Thursday.