Joe Manganiello on 'Superman' Reboot

"True Blood" hottie Joe Manganiello stopped to talk with "Extra" at the 2011 Producer Guild Awards Saturday -- and hinted at a possible starring role in an upcoming "Superman" redo.

"It's not up to me at this point," Manganiello said, referring to rumors he's set to wear the blue tights and red cape in the new film "Superman: Man of Steel" from director Zack Synder. "I love Zack Snyder, huge fan. I'd be honored if they chose to do that. We'll see. It's out there in the ether."

In the meantime, Manganiello is busy shooting the fourth season of HBO's "True Blood," in which he plays hunky werewolf Alcide Herveaux. What can we expect in this new season? "Witches show up and cause some trouble in Bon Temps."

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Sean Penn was also on hand at the PGAs, being honored with the guild's Humanitarian Award for his efforts in Haiti. "I represent an organization who works on the behalf of the people of Haiti," Penn explained. "I hope that the challenges for that country are paid attention to and the support will follow through."