Will John Edwards Marry Rielle Hunter?

The latest rumor says former Senator John Edwards has proposed to babymama Rielle Hunter, a month following the breast cancer death of his wife, Elizabeth Edwards.

Over the holidays, John allegedly introduced two of his children -- Jack, 10, and Emma, 12 -- to Hunter and their love child, Frances Quinn, 2, and Hunter requested they call her "mommy," reports the National Enquirer.


A source said, "This is absolutely the last thing in the world Elizabeth wanted before she lost her courageous battle with breast cancer. She never wanted her children anywhere near that woman!"

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But Elizabeth, who died Dec. 7, may get the last word. The tabloid also reports she changed her will, keeping John from her share of their $53 million fortune if he marries Hunter.

Elizabeth and John formally separated in January 2010, but had not yet divorced, as the one-year waiting period required in North Carolina had not elapsed before her death.