Lifechangers: Learn How to Get Out of Debt!

Are you drowning in debt? Financial experts turned "Extra" Lifechangers Jean Chatsky and Suze Orman are ready to help. Watch the video to find out how!

Another helpful saving tip to combine your cable, Internet and telephone bills into one, which Chatsky calls the "Triple Play" -- a discounted rate if you choose one company to handle all three services.

Check to see what new companies in your area offer these plans. It can save you hundreds of dollars each year, and if there are technical problems, it only takes one service call with one technician to fix it all.

If you're locked into a contract with your current provider, however, you might have to wait until that contract runs out before you can take advantage of the special new offers. Or you can do some research on the discounts and use that as leverage to lower your current bills now.

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