Lifechangers: Nurse Jamie on Getting Rid of Puffy Eyes

In this week's road test, "Extra's" Lifechanger Nurse Jamie Sherill shares some great solutions to one of the holiday season's biggest beauty dilemmas -- post-party puffy eyes -- because you want to look like a rock star, not like you party like one!

"The combination of late nights, salty foods and maybe a little bit of alcohol are all factors that contribute to fluid retention around the eyes," Nurse Jamie explained. "We're talking about temporary, post-party puffiness called periorbital edema," commonly known as 'you look like hell.'

Nurse Jamie suggested trying a few home remedies. "Everyone is familiar with the old slices of cucumber on the eyelids remedy. This works because of their astringent properties, which is a chemical compound that shrinks or constricts body tissues. Slices of strawberries work well, too, and raw potatoes! And here's a super secret budget tip -- a lot of makeup artists keep a tube of Preparation H in their makeup kit because of its vessel-contracting properties."

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