Lifechangers: Mira and Dad Paul Sorvino on Diabetes

Actress Mira Sorvino and her father, "Goodfellas" actor Paul Sorvino, visited "Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Drew Pinksy at The Grove to talk about a new campaign to bring awareness to diabetes.

Paul was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes but didn't know how to control it. "I would have a piece of pie and say, 'I'll take six pills, that will be fine,'" he explained. Now, with Mira's help, he's on a better diet and exercise plan. Mira also goes to the doctor with her dad to get a better understanding of his condition.

To help those families dealing with diabetes, the father/daughter team created a website, Mira says, "If you're the loved one of someone with diabetes, you can learn how to support them and help them stick with their treatment plan. The site also really helps them with the diet and exercise component."

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