Lifechanger: Nurse Jamie Road-Tests Eyelash Curlers

"Extra" Lifechanger and Aesthetics Nurse Specialist Jamie Sherrill, puts a lid on the best eyelash curlers in this week's beauty road test.

Nurse Jamie said, without batting an eye, "Eyelash curlers makes the eyes look bigger and those sparse lashes fuller, and a good one will grab all the lashes at once without pinching or getting caught and breaking delicate lashes. You don't want to do that because it can take two months to grow back."

Nurse Jamie spotlights the curlers she likes the most, from the least expensive (Japonese Pocket Curler for $12) to the top of the line (Hot Lashes Heated Eyelash Curler for $50).

Open your eyes wide and watch her tips on how to use them!