Lindsay Spoofs Herself in VMA Opener

Embracing her newfound freedom with a sense of humor, Lindsay Lohan pokes some fun at herself in Sunday night's 2010 MTV Video Music Awards opening.

As the show's host, Chelsea Handler, makes her way to the stage, she runs into Lilo who demands to know if Handler is drunk. When Chelsea says no, Lohan asks, "Then why is your ankle bracelet going off?" Handler explained it just meant her table at Cheesecake Factory was ready.

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"Wake up, Handler!" Lohan yelled, pushing her against a wall, telling her that people don't want to hang out with drunks. "Take it from me, they don't."

Handler then appeared onstage dressed up as Lady Gaga, wearing a giant house on her head, before ribbing other big names in attendance, including Justin Bieber, the "Jersey Shore" cast, Taylor Swift and Kanye West.