Exclusive Video! Tommy Lee No Longer a 'Time Bomb'

Rocker Tommy Lee has given up on his hard-partyin' ways to raise his kids and make music.

"I quit drinking about... I think tomorrow or the day after is 90 days," Lee told "Extra" on the set of his new music video, "Time Bomb," adding that it hasn't taken away any of his edge. "I'm just a lot clearer."

He is also indulging his oldest son, Brandon, with a crazy birthday party. "Brandon just turned 14 and he goes, 'Dad, for my birthday, I wanna throw a rave.' So we just had a crazy dance party. Cops came three times. He was so pumped he was like, 'Dad this is the coolest thing my party got shut down by the cops!'"

Watch Lee's new video "Time Bomb" -- and look for his band Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem's new CD, "A Public Disservice Announcement," on shelves Sept. 21.