Javier Bardem Wowed by Julia Roberts

"Eat Pray Love" star Javier Bardem said that he was "totally" nervous while working with co-star Julia Roberts.

Javier, who wed actress Penelope Cruz on July 14th in the Bahamas, was interviewed by "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli. Bardem admitted that he still gets the jitters when he sees Roberts. "I don't know," he answered as to why. "I've seen her in so many movies and great performances."

Playing Julia's love interest on a trip to exotic Bali, Javier let Jerry in on a little tidbit that most audiences might not know.

"I don't drive," the actor who lives in Madrid said. "I do know how to get a car to here from there, but I can not turn. Turn is too complicated for me and I know for American people it's very hard to understand that there are some people out there that don't drive. In Madrid where I live, I usually go walking."

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