Weekend Lifechangers -- The Links You Need!

"Extra" has complied a list of the latest medical breakthrough and food danger websites you should be aware of, so check 'em out!

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From the brain to the body, to breasts and teeth, check out these websites that could change your life:



Northwest Biotherapeutics at nwbio.com

HealthBank at HealthBank.com

For more info on the Keller Breast Funnel, visit DrKevinBrenner.com and RoxSpa90210.com .

For more info on laser removal of age spots, go to NurseJamie.com .

Visit MilesForHope.org for more information on cutting-edge clinical trials and personalized cancer vaccines.

For more information on the ultimate traveler's insurance, visit MedjetAssist.com.

Click here to learn about Cardiac CT Angiography. And for more information on heart tests, go to JohnKennedyMD.com and MarinaHospital.com

To learn more about the Home Base Program and PTSD, visit HomeBaseProgram.org .

Dairy is hidden in some foods -- and in many cases, products are listed as milk protein under the name casein or lactalbumin. For a complete list and to learn more, visit FoodReactions.org .