Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

With the recent Mel Gibson tapes blowing up, "Extra's" Lifechanger and Life Coach Laura Baron gives us tips for spotting abusive behavior.

Baron, host and life coach of VH1's "You're Cut Off," says, "Abuse is the patterned behavior of manipulation. Abusers are savvy manipulators, but their key behaviors are often the same."

If you suspect you might be in an abusive relationship, Baron suggests you ask yourself the key questions in this list.

15 Signs of Abusive Behavior

No. 1

Does your partner control where and what you do, constantly checking up on you?

No. 2

Does your partner blame you for hitting you?

No. 3

Are you ever forced to have sex?

No. 4

Does your partner humiliate or yell at you?

No. 5

Do you believe you do not deserve to be treated better?

No. 6

Are you scared to say or do things that could set partner off?

No. 7

Does you partner try to keep you isolated from family and friends?

No. 8

Do you lie to your friends and family about how you are treated?

No. 9

Does your partner refuse to acknowledge their own faults, always blaming others?

No. 10

Are you frequently criticized by your partner?

No. 11

Does your partner have a history of abusing others or animals?

No. 12

Do their mood swings often go from aggressive to apologetic?

No. 13

Do you get punished by your partner by withholding love or sex?

No. 14

Do you feel controlled?

No. 15

Are you given promises things will change and they don't?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, you are most likely in an abusive relationship and need to make a plan to get out.

There are many hotlines you can contact for help, including Safe Horizons at 800.621.HOPE (4673).

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