Kristin Davis: Not Such a Goody-Goody

Actress Kristin Davis plays the sweet and wholesome Charlotte York in the "Sex and the City" series, but in real life, she's got a bit of a wild streak!

"I feel sexiest when I'm naked at home," Davis told "Extra" at the "SATC 2" junket. "In private. God help me."

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When asked to rank in order of importance: food, sleep, sex, shopping, Davis laughed, "If you can qualify good sex or great sex, then I'll put it at the top of the list!"

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As for food, Davis admits she's not much of a cook, unlike co-star Kim Cattrall, who loved the Moroccan food they had during their stay in Abu Dhabi so much, she went home and learned how to make it.

"[Kim's] very European that way. I was in my sweats, watching 'Lost'," Davis confessed.

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