Meet the 'Extra Lean' Blue Team!

"Extra Lean" Blue Team Bios

Bernadette Ceron

• Associate Producer for "Extra" On-Air Promotions
• Married to my wonderful husband Rolando with two dogs Mia and Diego.
• I Love to cook and watch the Food Network everyday.
• I also love to hike and bike.

Jessica Gonzales

• Associate Producer
• Married and mother of a 7 month old

Betty (Petitti) Petitt

• Single, Age 63
• 41 years working in T.V.
• Have had three back surgeries resulting from being run over by a Warner Bros golf cart.
• Main hobby is Scottish country dancing, but I also love golf.
• I'm involved in lots of volunteer activities, including baking 42 pies to raise over $1000 to save the Cahuenga Peak behind the Hollywood sign.

Patty Serrato-Castellon

• Production Assistant/Weekend Segment Producer for "Extra"
• I am 25-years-old and married with a 10 month old baby boy.
• I guess one way I keep active is that I love to go line dancing.

Mary Eileen Prise

• Media Manager for "Extra"
• Married
• Born and raised in Chicago
• My husband and I moved to LA in 2001 after I received my BA in television production from Columbia College. Since then I have worked on a wide gamut of shows for various networks and channels. I joined the "Extra" family four months ago as a Media Manager. With the hours that we work in this business, taking the time to take care of myself has been a struggle to say the least. With "Extra Lean" I have finally found the life style change that I always knew had to be out there and am ready to take on the world.

Marci Koch

• Attorney for "Extra" (I keep everyone here out of trouble)
• Married with two adorable kids and 2 adorable dogs
• I'm saving the world one rescue pet at a time.

Omar Lugones

• Age 35, Producer for "Extra"
• I love to run, but I confess I haven't been doing enough of it.
• I'm also a wannabe chef and I admit that's gotten me into a bit of trouble.
• I'm looking forward to getting Extra Lean!

Erin Kane

• Publicist for "Extra"
• I'm pbsessed with taking all kinds of dance classes including zumba, hip hop and booika
• I'm learning to cook thanks to Extra Lean!