Shaunie O'Neal Sounds-Off on Cheaters!

The vocal Shaunie O'Neal thinks the whole cheating epidemic is "out of control" -- and she should know. Shaunie is separated from basketball great Shaquille O'Neal, whose alleged infidelity may have been a factor in their impending divorce.

"Extra" sat down with Shaunie to talk about her upcoming VH1 reality show, "Basketball Wives," which follows the current loves and exes of famous hoops stars.

Does she think cheating is an insecurity issue or a power thing? "I would love to hear the answer to that question. I couldn't tell you," Shaunie admits. "I don't know what it is." But she does have a few choice words to say those women who have affairs with married men.

"They have no class, they're just low," O'Neal tells "Extra" in an exclusive interview. "These ladies don't care and are really bold. You look around and they're doing magazines and trash. That's what it is, trash."

She adds, "There's nothing you can do about it. They get what they want to get every time, never fails."

"Basketball Wives" premieres Sunday on VH1.