Eyewitness Describes Osmond's Son's Suicide

For Tarek Salaway, an L.A. hospital administrator, the horror of the Michael Blosil's suicide was matched only by the heartbreaking aftermath.


Salaway was one of the first people on the scene after the 18-year-old son of Marie Osmond jumped to his death from the eighth floor of his 15-story Los Angeles apartment building. He describes to "Extra" the tragedy he witnessed Friday night. "The first thing I saw were the shoes," Salaway says. "Then immediately there was a body. What was disturbing was seeing the body with his legs basically at the edge of the curb."

"There was another gentleman walking toward me with a cell phone and I asked him, 'Have you called 911?'," Salaway continues. "He said I'm on the phone now. I kneeled down and felt eerily that there was really no pulse to sense."

He then saw Blosil's distraught roommate Ruthann Clawson come running out of the building with the young man's suicide note in her hand. "I said, do you know this young man? And she said, 'Yes, he left me this note. He's my best friend,' and she just kept sobbing."

Marie Osmond is currently in seclusion with her family.