Mel Gibson and Oksana Make Beautiful Music Together

Oscar winner Mel Gibson and girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva dish to "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli about their joint music ventures.

Gibson wrote lyrics for two songs on Grigorieva's upcoming album. "I always felt the poetic urge coming, so I've been providing lyrics and stuff for a few of her songs," said Gibson. "I've been writing poetry and stuff since I was a teenager. Didn't want to admit that to my friends."

With Mel lending a hand to his girlfriend's album, she has big plans for his next film. "I'm scoring his next movie," said Grigorieva. "I'll try to write songs, but it'll be mainly scoring. I'm sure I'll write a couple of songs. If he'd like that... that's great."

The couple held a benefit concert in L.A. for the Chernobyl Children's Project International, a cause that the two are passionate about. Grigorieva explains, "They pay for operation and save children's lives."

The songwriter's "Angel" became a theme song for Chernobyl Children's Project International and Grigorieva is donating part of her album's proceeds to the organization.

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