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Emmy Rossum Slams Heidi Montag's Nip/Tuck

emmy rossum heidi montag

Heidi Montag may be thrilled with her new face and body, but actress Emmy Rossum is not impressed.

Rossum, 23, took to her Twitter page to blast Montag, 23, for flaunting her new look.

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"It upsets me to see young women in the spotlight advocating plastic surgery," Emmy writes, adding, "ANY surgery is extremely dangerous & should not be taken lightly -- much less, used as a tool to increase notoriety or popularity."

She continues, "By putting this on magazine covers, we are somehow legitimizing the dangerous lengths to which some will go for fame and 'beauty.'"

The "Hills" star said she had become "beyond obsessed" with going under the knife, and underwent 10 surgeries in one day.

Rossum concludes, "There are so many REAL ISSUES in this world that NEED attention. Let's try to take a moment to be grateful we are ALIVE."