'Sherlock' Stars: Resolutions, Rock Hard Abs and Injuries

Robert Downey Jr. made the Big Apple premiere of "Sherlock Holmes" a special date night with wife Susan.

"We promised ourselves we'd enjoy each other," the actor tells "Extra's" AJ Calloway. Susan added, "We said we'd have fun tonight."

The happy couple had a whirlwind 2009 and they're ready to wind down. Susan confessed that for her resolution, she wants to find time to relax, but Robert is having a little trouble picking one. "I've actually run out of things to give up! I don't know what to do," he joked.

Downey Jr, 44, got in shape for the flick using martial arts, and Susan can't decide if she likes the "Sherlock Holmes" or "Iron Man" physique better. I just like the body! Does it matter?!" she laughed.

Susan also tells "Extra" about Robert finding out about his Golden Globe nomination. "To be perfectly honest, he was sitting next to Jude Law and he said, 'He should have got one!'"

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Law showed up for the premiere with a new accessory on his hand -- a bandage. "I was so tired," Law explains. "I was cutting a piece of bread and I cut the end of my thumb off."

Law, 36, says that for his resolution, he wants to keep up with his "Sherlock Holmes" buddies in the gym. "I've got to try to keep up the fitness regime!"