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Victoria Principal's Skincare Secrets

Actress Victoria Principal is revealing her beauty secrets on "Extra."

"If you take good care of your skin, then you'd want to take good care with makeup," the "Dallas" star explains.

Victoria Principal's Skincare Secrets

Principal, 59, says makeup should look natural and not noticeable.

The key? Hydration.

"More is not better. If you think that you're looking dry, or dehydrated, don't put on more. It just accentuates what's wrong. Hydrate!" she advises.

Her new Principal Secret skincare and Color Principal makeup lines launch in early 2010.

That's not all she's involved in. Last month, she donated $25,000 alongside the U.S. Forest Service to nonprofit TreePeople, which works on fire restoration efforts in the Los Angeles National Forest.

Tune into "Extra" Friday for more of Principal's ageless beauty secrets -- and watch the video below to hear more!

Victoria Principal