Win It! Mario Lopez's 'Mud Tacos'

"Extra" host Mario Lopez and his sister, Marissa Lopez Wong, penned a children's book that celebrates the imagination of children -- and 20 "Extra" friends will win a signed copy from Mario!

Mario Lopez's 'Mud Tacos' children's book

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15 Little-Known Facts about Mario Lopez!

Health Nut

One of Mario’s diet secrets is to never drink soda.


Mario tries to go to church every week.

Picky When it Comes to Veggies

Mario says he likes to eat his veggies cold… but not cooked.


You won’t see Mario walking under a ladder — he’s very superstitious!

Middle Name?

Mario jokes that he is “the only Mexican without a middle name.”

What a Mug!

Mario loves coffee, he drinks it black all day!

Ice Cream

Mario’s favorite ice cream flavor is, no surprise, coffee.

His Love for Dance

One of his passions in life is dancing. He has aspirations to one day dance on the stage at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

No Tats

Mario has no tattoos or body piercings.

Broken Bones

Mario lives an active lifestyle and loves sports. He once broke an ankle while wrestling.


Mario is a big boxing fan. His favorite boxer is Mexico’s Julio Cesar Chavez.


Mario Lopez was born October 10, 1973, in San Diego, California.

What's Your Sign?

Mario’s is a Libran.

Big Break

His first role was on the series “a.k.a Pablo.” He was a dancer and drummer on the syndicated children’s music series “Kids Incorporated.” Mario’s most famous role was on the popular Saturday morning comedy series “Saved by the Bell” — as self-assured jock, A.C. Slater.

Interviewed President Obama

In October 2008, Mario interviewed presidential candidate Barack Obama — Mario almost missed the interview because he overslept!