Noot En Route to 'New Moon' Shoot

Noot Seear is the newest actress to join the

Does Kristen Stewart have some new vampire competition?

It's true! There's a new actress joining the "Twilight" franchise -- model Noot Seear is set to debut in "New Moon" as Heidi -- member of an elite group of vampires known as the Volturi.

The 25-year-old Canadian catwalker has spent the past 12 years working the runway for top designers like Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler. Now the transition to acting has finally arrived. "I've always been biting at the bit to get into the industry," says the model.

Seear worried that her modeling career would hold her back from the acting business. "I was really scared because you're not allowed to look in the camera, but in the modeling world, you're supposed to," recalls Seear, adding, "Modeling was great to me. I made a lot of money doing it. But what makes acting different is that you get a voice. You're not just a picture."

The model has already signed for two more "Twilight" installments, so expect to see her around for a while! Seear is so excited about the film's November 20 debut, she's already picked out her dress for the premiere!

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