17 Fun Facts about Emma Watson

Did you know Emma Watson plays field hockey and break dances? The quick-witted Hermione Granger is back on the big screen in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Check out all the interesting facts "Extra" found on Miss Watson!

17 Interesting Facts about Emma Watson

1. Good Connection

Emma gets along very well with all the other actors in the “Harry Potter” movies.

2. Hermione Granger

Emma thinks of her character Hermione Granger as a potential role model for young girls and as a female action hero who “rocks.”

3. Hobbies

Emma plays field hockey, tennis, rounders and netball. She also dances in several different styles, like break dancing and modern, and likes to take art classes.

4. Favorite Actor

One of her favorite actors is Johnny Depp.

5. Pet Friendly

Emma is a big animal lover, and was spotted playing with the various animals in the “Harry Potter” movies.

6. Leading Ladies

Emma admires Natalie Portman and Renee Zellweger for their willingness to take on challenging roles in film, even if they are not typically beautiful characters.

7. Begginer's Luck

Emma began filming “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” at age 10. She had auditioned for Hermione because her friends did, and she thought it would be “a laugh.” It was the first audition she ever did.

8. College Girl

Going to university has always been a dream of Watson’s, and it is thought that she will be attending Brown University in the fall.

9. Bonjour!

Until she was five years old, Emma lived in France.

10. History over Numbers

Her favorite school subjects are Art, History and English. Her least favorites are Math and Geography.

11. The Blues

Her favorite color is light blue.

12. Media Impact

Watson believes that too often the media portrays only stupid girls, or smart girls who dumb themselves down.

13. Self-Definition

She proudly proclaims herself to be a feminist, as well as fairly competitive and challenging.

14. Legal Matters

Both of Emma’s parents are lawyers.

15. Balance

Emma admits that sometimes it is difficult to balance wanting to be a carefree teenager with needing to be a serious adult actress.

16. Touch of Reality

She loves staying in school because she feels it keeps her in touch with reality. Emma was hesitant to portray Hermione in the final two installments of the Harry Potter movies because she really wanted to have a normal life.

17. Less Success

Emma has said she thinks the chances are slim that she will ever be involved in another project that is as successful as “Harry Potter.”