13 Things You Didn't Know about Jillian Harris

"The Bachlorette" Jillian Harris is full of spunk and personality, but did you know she is also a dedicated volunteer? Find out more about the reality TV darling by checking out our facts on the celebrated Miss Harris!

13 Things You Didn't Know about Jillian Harris

1. Hard Worker

Jillian works as a restaurant interior designer, with projects in the US and Canada.

2. Canadian Girl

Jillian is from Vancouver, BC Canada.

3. Baby Plans

Jillian wants to have two children of her own and adopt one. If she has a boy, she wants to name him Nash.

4. Class Clown

Jillian claims that she was the class clown in high school and never had many suitors chasing her.

5. Jillian Loves Dresses!

Jillian likes to wear dresses from Forever 21, The GAP and Target.

6. A Show of Character

Jillian has a theory that whatever condiments a man puts on his hot dog reveals different parts of his character (for example, ketchup indicates loyalty, strength and family values).

7. Volunteer Work

Jillian volunteers as a mentor and teacher in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program.

8. TV Star

Jillian never thought she’d be on TV, although her friends and family told her that her vivacious personality was perfect for it.

9. Two Left Feet

“The Bachelorette” says she’s a terrible dancer.

10. 'The Bachelor'

Jillian applied to be on “The Bachelor” out of boredom and as a joke!

12. Foot Fetish Contestant

Jillian claims that the foot fetish of one the contestants (Tanner P) was cute — not creepy — as it was just something quirky and original.

13. Not First Pick

Jillian wasn’t the producer’s first pick to be “The Bachelorette.”

11. eBay Obsession

Jillian once had a boyfriend who was obsessed with eBay and bought all his clothes from it.