Ten Fun, Foxy Facts about Megan Fox!

"Transformers" star Megan Fox has earned a rep as a bombshell beauty who can hold her own with the boys -- and isn't afraid to speak her mind! Now "Extra" is sharing 10 little-known facts about the sexy star.

Facts about Megan Fox

Surfer Chic

Megan grew up surfing — and once had a run-in with a Great White shark!

Avoiding School

Fox once said that she started acting as a way to make money and avoid college — and when she finally got her big break in “Transformers,”she didn’t know she was the female lead until shooting wrapped!

Hold Your Breath

Megan hates to hear people breathe, and has claimed it’s a phobia because she dislikes it so much!

One of the Boys

Growing up, Megan claims that she would sometimes eat lunch in the school bathroom because, although the boys loved to hang around her, girls were harsh and would sometimes throw ketchup packets at her.

Fancy Feet

Shopaholic alert! Fox says that she spends most of the money she makes on shoes.

The Next Jolie?

Megan is often compared to Angelina Jolie, but thinks the media’s comparison displays a lack of creativity.

Catty Confessions

Fox admits that she and Lindsay Lohan butted heads on the set of “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” — but chalks it up to the cattiness of all 17-year-old girls.

Bad Girl

As a teenager, Megan says she was always in trouble for sneaking out to meet boys and stealing her mom’s car!

'Hills' Horror

Fox told Entertainment Weekly that the worst-case scenario she could see herself in would be filming for “The Hills.”

Tatted Up

Fox has nine tattoos — and confesses that she once let a tattoo artist smoke weed before inking her up, and he messed up her body art!