Jesse James: Bullock 'Excited' About His Job

Death-defying Jesse James performs fearless stunts on his new show "Jesse James is a Dead Man" -- and tells "Extra" that his dangerous job excites wife Sandra Bullock!

Jesse James

"She's excited about it. She just wants to make sure I'm safe," Jesse admits. "I usually don't tell her too much about it until after I'm done. I'll give her the Cliff Notes version... then show her the video after and then she's pissed because I didn't tell her."

Overall, James has remained safe, but confesses that he's had his share of injuries. "Busted a couple ribs, bruised a lung, chipped a bone on the back of my pelvis, chipped a bone in my elbow. Nothing major."

While opening up to "Extra" about the sex scene in her film "The Proposal," Sandra revealed that her adventurous hubby couldn't step in front of the camera like she does. "He couldn't do what I do and I couldn't do what he does."

Despite being an unlikely pair, James and Bullock will soon celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary.

"Jesse James is a Dead Man" airs Sundays on Spike TV.